EZAir+ CBRN Breath Assist Powered Unit

EZAir Product

Avon EZAir+TM is the newest generation of single filter airflow system, substanially smaller and lighter than traditional powered air units.

Avon EZAir+ also provides the power source for all configuration of the AvonAir range. 

Five years of reasearch and development have resulted in the first CBRN air-system that delivers the benefits of a traditional Powered Air Device in a more compact and integrated system. 

Modualar methodology allows users to add Avon EZAir+ to existing fielded systems such as the 50 series APR's and convert into a two filter PAPR system for increased performance. 

Avon's EZAir+ continuous fresh airflow helps relieve the burden of heavy breathing enabling responders to easily communicate and reduce fatigue. 

With frew parts, Avon EZAir+ operational cost are up to 70% less than traditinal airflow systems resulting in lower cost of ownership. 

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