FM53 Respirator

FM53Avon Protection's revolutionary FM53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) System has been developed specifically for specialist applications where the user needs to respond to ever changing operational conditions.

The FM53 is globally acclaimed as the most technically advanced mask and offers both positive pressure SCBA, PAPR and negative pressure APR/capability. All of these capabilities are available from one mask platform without the need to change components. Available in right, left or twin port filter configurations.

The FM53 system was developed to address the multiple threats encountered on the modern battlefield, war on terrorism and peace keeping operations. It provides protection against traditional chemical and biological warfare agents and select toxic industrial materials (TIMs).


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The FM53 Respirator is available with through Owen International along with a variety of Avon Protection compliant accessories, for further information contact us. 



The FM53 is both NIOSH and CE certified.


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