FM50 Respirator

FM50 RespiratorThe FM50 is part of the latest generation of Avon CBRN full face mask, specifically designed to meet the latest NATO forces military mask requirements.

It has been developed to counter the multiple CBRN threats encountered in modern war fare, anti-terrorist and peace-keeping operations.

The twin filter conformal system sits close against the face, providing the wearer with high protection and very low breathing resistance. Twin filters also make it a much more comfortable mask to wear and also allows greater ease of weapon deployment.

Outstanding vision is provided with the introduction of Avon Protection's new wide panoramic flexible visor which is the result of our new bonding technology that incorporates both visual clarity and integral durability.


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The M50 Respirator is available through Owen International along with a variety of Avon Protection compliant accessories, for further information contact us. 


 The FM50 Respirator is both NIOSH and CE certified.

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