ST53™- The total respiratory protection system

The ST53™ combines Avon Protection's FM53 mask technology with an advanced modular breathing apparatus to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist operations.

Developed with the unknown elements of a threat scenario in mind, the ST53™ is the most advanced CBRN respiratory solution on the market. It enables a fast response to changing operational conditions in one complete modular system.

A switch between negative (filter) and positive (SCBA) pressure is achieved at the flick of a lever on the front of the mask. And by attaching a short or long duration compressed air cylinder, it is possible to enter a location on filter mode, if the need arises. 

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Cylinder Options

Free Air Volume

Approx Duration

4.7 litre light weight carbon wrapped   300 bar

1269 Litres

32 Minutes

6.8 litre light weight carbon wrapped   300 bar

1836 Litres

45 Minutes

9 litre light weight carbon wrapped   200 bar

1826 Litres

45 Minutes

6 litre light weight carbon wrapped   300 bar

2430 Litres

60 Minutes


 Features Benefits 

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The ST53system is available through Owen International along with a wide variety of Avon Protection compliant accessories, for further information contact us.


The ST53™ is both NIOSH and CE certified.



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