Combined System Powered Air Purifying Respirator

CSPAPR Product

The Avon CSPAPR is the newest generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) desigend for use in Combinatin Unit Respirators (CUR's) 

The capibility to change levels of protectin dependant on the treat, now provides the wearer with increased duration on target and safer operation. 

Utilizing the Avon MPPAPR module along with the patented combinatin hose module, the wearer can seamlessly switch between ARP, PAPR and SCBA modes of protection. The single air hose connection for all modes allows the wearer to retain a clear mask cheeks for optimum weapon sighting. 

The low profile shap of the Avon CSPAPR delivers best in class integration with SCBA systems, benefitting the wearer with reducted weight and size compared to traditional systems. 

Modular Methodology allows the user to either add the Avon CSPAPR to existing fielded system such as the FM43/4 APR and ST53 SCBA, use as a regual PAPR (Avon MPPAPR) or revert back to the Avon EZAir+ configurations. 




Cylinder Options

Free Air Volume

Approx Duration

1 litre light weight carbon wrapped 300 bar

270 litres

7 min

2 litre Light weight carbon wrapped 300 bar

540 litres

14 min

4.7 litre light weigth carbon wrapped 300 bar 1269 litres 32 min
6.8 litre light weigth carbon wrapped 300 bar 1836 litres 45 min
9 litre light weigth carbon wrapped 200 bar 1826 litres 45 min
6 litre light weigth carbon wrapped 300 bar 2430 litres 60 min



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CSPAPR 1             CSPAPR 2 


CSPAPR 3             CSPAPR 4



The SCPAPR system is available with through Owen International along with a variety of Avon Protection compliant accessories, for further information contact us.

The ST53SD™ is both NIOSH and CE certified.


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