Bruhn NewTech

Bruhn NewTech developers of CBRN Hazmat Warning and Reporting software.

Bruhn NewTechs specialist skills are focused on the development and provision of highly effective CBRNe Incident Management Decision Support Tools; targeted specifically to address the challenges of both conventional and asymmetric threats.



Bruhn NewTech provides a specialized range of CBRNe solutions for Defence operations. The core elements being, CBRNe Hazard Warning and Reporting software applications that can be further enhanced with the addition of Sensors and Instruments. These solutions are available as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) to meet individual customer requirements.

The software portfolio provides the full range of integration options, from interface to embedded systems within existing C2I, C3I, C4I and BISA operational applications

Data Interfaces to external equipment such as instruments and sensors are available to enable fully automated CBRNe reporting and risk management solutions. Sensor and Instrumentation data is instantly transmitted to all levels of command for the purpose of external analysis and validation.

Predictions of hazards and effects are based on NATO defined standards with the option to adopt national standards. Third party software solutions such as dispersion models and sensor placement models can also be integrated within the Hazard Warning and Reporting software.


Public Safety

Bruhn NewTech provides a comprehensive portfolio of Hazard Risk Management solutions for Public Safety operations. Our products and solutions deliver life saving decision support tools during the “Golden Hour” of CBRNe or HazMat Incident Management. The addition of our sensor integration software enables a highly effective CBRNe Scene Assessment capability. By definition our product range is, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf but can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Automatic production of Initial Hazard Templates from fully integrated sensors provides commanders with a dynamic form of CBRNe Scene Assessment presented within a Geographical Information System (GIS). This enables an enhanced level of both spatial and situational awareness, which when developed at a local level, can quickly answer the following key questions; What is it? Where is it? and Are we Safe Here?

Whilst preservation of human life and restoration of normality remain key objectives, Bruhn NewTech software and hardware solutions also make a valued contribution to the generation of a Common Operational Picture relevant to all elements of the Multi-Agency response.




Listed below are the principal products in the Bruhn NewTech CBRN Hazard Warning and Reporting and Sensor Integration portfolio.

  • CBRN-Analysis is a Operational Software Application to predict, warn and report CBRN hazards.
  • SCIM stands for Sensor Connectivity Information Management. The SCIM provides the sensor data hub to multiple sensor types and brands in a single effective display.
  • HazKey is a man-portable deployable Hardware and Software solution that also provides Hazard Prediction and Sensor Data Fusion and Management.

The Bruhn NewTech Group provides mission critical solutions and services to Defense Organizations. All software products are developed under ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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