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CQC is a world leading British based manufacturer of textile products with a long-standing history in design, development and production for the defence market. For over 60 years CQC has provided high quality, robust military personal equipment to the UK Ministry of Defence and many foreign professional militaries.   

Working alongside the UK MOD CQC has designed and purpose built solutions in soldier worn systems for the British Military for over 60 years. CQC recently delivered more than 275,000 units of the award winning Osprey body armour system to the UK MOD to protect troops on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. With its uniquely designed modular capability Osprey allows dismounted troops maximum flexibility in weight distribution and integration of ballistic protection.

CQC has used its many decades of experience in dealing with the British Military; applied their design capabilities and high quality and taken this concept to their offshore customers. As a result CQC is now leading the world in the design, development and innovation of new technologies and capabilities, delivering the very best soldier systems and safety products around the globe.


CBRN 1               Body Armour 1                     Load Carriage               Fibrelight


      CBRN                  Body Armour                    Load Carriage                       Fibrelight Safety