HGH Infrared Systems

HGH Infrared Systems design, develop and manufacture complete optronic systems.


Based in Igny (South of Paris), in the heart of the French Optics Valley HGH specialise in the design and manufacture of infrared panoramic surveillance systems. HGH manufacture complete, cost effective security systems often with their VIGISCAN camera at the core to provide a 360° panoramic image to increase security in critical applications. The VIGISCAN is currently in service with several militarise and industrial customers across the world.


VIGISCAN Infrared Panoramic Surveillance Camera

VIGISCAN is a high sensitivity camera for real time infrared panoramic surveillance. The VIGISCAN captures a 360° image in azimuth at a speed of 1 Hz and is ideal for the following applications: 


  • Security perimeters control 
  • Day and night panoramic surveillance 
  • Coastal and border passive surveillance 
  • Airport traffic monitoring 
  • Detection of intrusion 
  • Early detection of forest fire


VIGISCAN provides a global and instantaneous vision of the whole security perimeter where an operator would have previously had to orientate cameras manually. Reduced operator burden and increased coverage area that is achieved through the VIGISCAN’s innovative design makes it a cost effective and practical solution for increasing security in any application.  


SPYNEL-S Wide Area Surveillance System

SPYNEL is the impressive system for all-weather, 24/7 surveillance of ports, ships, platforms at sea, ideal for perimeters over several kilometers. This unique infrared sensor displays a full 360-degree panorama, with a resolution up to 30 Mpix. With its near real-time imagery, Spynel detects and tracks unlimited movements night and day. With a large MWIR focal plane array, Spynel-S exhibits high performance, especially in warm and humid regions.

  • Cost effective and reliable surveillance against asymmetric threats
  • Full 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor
  • Long range surveillance up to the horizon
  • Day and night panoramic awareness even in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic, simultaneous tracking of all threats with superior image quality
  • Compact, robust, lightweight equipment,for a fast deployment
  • Fully passive system, totally undetectable unlike radar
  • Gyro-stabilization option for shipborne Installation  


Owen International represents HGH Infrared Systems in Australia and New Zealand, for further information on the VIGSCAN Surveillance System please contact us.