KVH Industries

KVH is an international leader in developing and manufacturing tactical navigation products and fiber optic gyros. For more than a decade, KVH has worked closely with its military customers, creating digital navigation systems to stringent military standards.



Military ProductsMilitary ProductsTACNAV is the world's most widely fielded tactical navigation system; field-tested and battle proven under the most challenging conditions. US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has given the KVH TACNAV system the M100 GMENS type classification and it is fielding it throughout the SOCOM vehicle fleet. The ADF and NZDF have installed TACNAV throughout their respective ASLAV and LAV fleets.

TACNAV brings KVH's precision digital compass, fiber optic gyro, and display technology together to equip military vehicles worldwide with precision navigation, pointing and heading solutions. KVH's TACNAV systems integrated with other onboard sensors offer:

  • Dead reckoning accuracy to within 1.5-3% of distance traveled
  • 100% availability of time, steer-to, velocity, and heading reference data
  • An enhancement to and backup for GPS
  • A means of consolidating vehicle data and linking it to Battle Management Systems
  • Complete support for rapid deployment and high-speed manoeuvres.


Digital Fluxgate Compasses

KVH the inventor of the digital fluxgate compass produces an award winning line of marine digital compasses offering precision navigation data, unmatched versatility, and outstanding reliability.


The C100 is an industrial-grade compass module designed to meet rigorous engineering requirements. Available in either a stand-alone or embeddable version, it is physically compact, low in cost, and extremely flexible, making it ideal for your most demanding heading sensor needs. The C100 is based on KVH's proven technology, which has been fielded in more than 100,000 systems for a wide range of military and commercial applications. It features a compact design, menu-driven software control and multiple analog and digital outputs. The C100 offers unparalleled versatility, making it easy to integrate into any system. Designed to military quality standards with industrial parts, the C100 delivers the reliable, trouble-free performance you're looking for in a compass module.



The MV103 (models MV103DG and MV103ACS) is a digital magnetic compass designed for naval vessels. Ideal for amphibious craft, small boats, and naval ships, the system's backlit LCD display provides precise, easy-to-read heading information. At the heart of the MV103 is a fully automatic electronic compass sensor that calibrates itself, requires no maintenance, and delivers accuracy to within ±1º. Since the system consists of three separate components, the sensor unit can be mounted remotely, while the control box and display are mounted conveniently for vessel piloting and navigation. With its easy to read display, self-compensating sensor, and modular design, the MV103 is a robust digital magnetic compass solution for all types of naval vessels.


Fiber Optic Gyro

KVH's high-performance, tactical-grade, militarised fiber optic gyro sensors offer precision stabilisation and positioning performance, suitable for the most demanding military and commercial applications. Available in a variety of different packages, these sensors are designed and tested to meet military standard test environments.


  • True tactical grade performance

  • Exceptional bias stability and linearity – minimal temperature and power-up errors

  • Excellent reliability, reduced noise, high bandwidth

  • Smallest KVH FOG, modular design for 1, 2, or 3-axis configurations

  • Robust for a wide variety of applications including gun/turret stabilisation, antenna/radar/optic stabilisation, IMU, GPS/INS, AHRS, industrial robotics/autonomous vehicles


DSP 4000

  • Ideal for demanding applications, including platform positioning and stabilised pointing, gun and turret stabilisation, and antenna/optical/camera stabilisation.

  • Patented DSP fiber optic technology offers long life, stable operation, and insensitivity to vibration from rotation or acceleration in other axes.

  • Versatile 1- and 2-axis packages support 1-, 2-, and 3-axis applications.

  • Compact Mil-Spec assembly features military connectors and weather-resistant housing to withstand demanding military environments, including gunfire shock.

  • Easily integrates into existing mechanical gyro applications and offers significantly longer life and lower life cycle cost with MTBF >55,000 hours.


  • Measures roll, pitch, and yaw angular rate and X, Y, Z acceleration

  • 1° per hour stability

  • Excellent shock and vibration performance

  • Long life and flexible interfacing

  • Affordable, robust, rugged design for applications including avionics, antenna and optics stabilisation, UAV/ROV guidance, flight controls, GPS augmentation, marine motion sensing, navigation, and autonomous vehicles


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