Local Support For ADF In-Service Equipment

Jul 2015

In country support for ADF in-service equipment and systems is a key element of efficient maintenance and logistics effort, in order to maximize availability. Night vision and targeting systems are critically important force multipliers and an important area of ADF interest in maintaining a leading capability edge.

Owen International Pty Ltd is an established Australian Defence SME, supplying specialized systems, equipment, and services to the ADF and State/Federal agencies for the past 25 years. As the Australian Distributor for L-3 Warrior Systems (Previously Insight Technology) laser aiming, thermal and weapon mounted illumination products, the company has recently established a laser aiming repair, maintenance and test facility in Sydney.ATPILSArtical

In partnership with L-3, a significant investment has been made in an Australian industry support facility for in-service Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (ATPIAL) systems. Owen and L-3 have commissioned a depot level maintenance capability, including a computer controlled optical bench for test, repair and calibration of the in-service LA-5 PEQ Laser Aiming Illuminator Device (LAID) within their Sydney facility.

Owen personnel have undergone training in the US and undertaken repair of an initial batch of ATPIALs in the US to gain OEM accreditation. An initial batch of systems for local repair is now undergoing inspection, repair and testing to fully accredit the Australian capability.

The maintenance capability can support various other L-3 laser illumination systems and will be expanded to maintain the L-3 range of laser rangefinders, plus provide initial support for thermal products. The new L-3 Squad Rangefinder (SRF) represents the next generation of lightweight, miniturised laser Rangefinders. Specifically designed for squad level operations and improved mission effectiveness, the SRF replaces existing aiming lights and ranging devices in one package, at significant savings in size, weight and power.

The establishment of this maintenance test facility has involved technology transfer between Owen and L-3 in commissioning technically advanced calibration equipment, test benches and tooling. Owen and L-3 will continue to invest in up skilling technical staff and provide the ADF with a well-established direct in country support capability as well as a strengthened technical knowledge base.

Written: Damian Smith-Owen International Pty Ltd

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