*NEW* CRS15 CBRN Response System

Aug 2015

Avon Protection are launching a new PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) kit – the CRS15  

Based around the tried and tested NH15 escape hood, CRS15 pack provides equipment for comprehensive CBRN and HAZMAT personal protection and decontamination, all sealed within a small rucksack.The CRS15 is targeted towards a broad range of prospective users, the system is an all-inclusive, convenient and discreet CBRN/TIC escape solution for major incidents, high profile visits, embassies, major events, emergency preparedness and VIP travel.

Personal decontamination equipment is critical – evidence shows that secondary decontamination is the biggest killer post a CBRN event and hence our individual packs cover all eventualities’’ continues De Bretton-Gordon.

Available on a hire/lease basis, and with fast deployment to many countries around the world, this comprehensive service will give employers and securitycompanies  a cost effective means of providing comprehensive CBRN & HAZMAT protection, safeguarding the public and their employees in the current challenging environment and the threat of terrorist attack’’.

A simple to follow user guide is included with each CRS15 pack, which aids individuals in identifying CBRN threats, deploying and donning the protective equipment and conducting immediate decontamination.

The single use CRS15 is entirely self-contained, and once deployed the system may be placed into the waste sacks provided and responsibly disposed-of.



The CRS15 is suitable for corporate or organisation headquarters in areas of high CBRN/TIC threat.CRS15 Contents:

•             Full respiratory and eye protection

CRS15 Back Pack •             Touch protection

•             Disposable coverall

•             Biological decontamination

•             Chemical/TIC decontamination

•             Rucksack

•             Instruction card

•             Disposal bags

•             Protective overboots



Avon’s CRS15 pack is suitable for the following individuals:

Non-specialist CBRN user including: 

  • Law Enforcement
    • Cordon Control
  • High Net/Strategic Individuals:
    • VVIP
    • Gov’t Officials/Diplomatic Staff
  • Non-Gov’t Organizations:
    • UN
    • WHO
    • ICRC
  • Security:
    • Close Protection
    • Access control
  • Media:
    • High Threat regions
    • Riot coverage
  • Major Events:
    • Support Staff
    • Security companies
    • VIPs and Key Personnel
  • Corporate:
    • Major International Bank
    • Executives