New Zealand Defence Force Adopt CQC RAPTOR 2+ CBRN Protective Ensemble

May 2016

CQC UK Ltd, manufacturer of the award winning Osprey body armour system has received a contract to supply the New Zealand Defence Force with an undisclosed quantity of their latest RAPTOR 2+ CBRN Medium Protective Ensembles. New Zealand being the third of the “Five Eyes” to adopt garments within CQC’s CBRN Protective Equipment range.

The RAPTOR 2+ is a Low Burden suit system that gives functionality and comfort for the wearer in both military and first responder CBRN environments. Constructed using a lightweight carbon liner, combined with a highly breathable & rugged rip stop outer, it offers basic FR, oil & water repellence and a significant reduction in physiological burden when compared to standard CBRN garments.

CQC’s range of CBRN garments also includes a Targa suit variant for applications requiring increased fire resistance, and multiple undergarments solutions aimed at covert applications, or those in which task specific outer garments need to be worn.

Sydney based Owen International represent CQC UK Ltd in Australia and New Zealand, and already supply a range of CBRN equipment to the ADF for general service and special forces applications. Owen International is also part of a team led by Australian prime GHD bidding to supply the ADF a new generation of CBRN equipment under Land 2110.  



Raptor 2 NZDF



Owen International represents CQC UK Ltd in Australia & NewZealand, for further information please, contact us