Royal Australian Navy opens upgraded bridge simulator

25 March 2011

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) opened its recently upgraded ship’s bridge simula­tor training facility at HMAS Watson in Sydney.

 Owen International was the local project manager for the delivery of the new full mis­sion and desktop simulators from Kongsberg Maritime at HMAS Watson.  Local program management included arrangement, installation assistance and multiple tasks to assist Kongsberg to deliver one of the most advanced naval training centres in the world.  The capability will be used to train a wide range of RAN personnel from Midshipmen to ships Captains, in everything from basic pilotage and ship handling to complex serials involving anti-piracy and warfare tactics.

The new facility at HMAS Wat­son was delivered within a tight schedule, requiring no loss of training time during the installation.

The contract for the HMAS Wat­son upgrade was awarded in January 2010, with several key requirements.  In addition to the short timescale, all systems had to be compatible with the existing simula­tor installation and utilise existing databases and models, as well as prepare for new models for current and future ships.  The program received Australian Defence Magazine’s Navy Minor Project Award.