Avon Protection EZAir Pioneers New Generation of Super Compact Powered Airflow Units

13 April 2012

Cumbersome and heaveweight respiratory systems might be a thing of the past thanks to a new generation of NIOSH approved, compact, battery powered modular airflow units from Avon.

Combining a major advance in respiratory system engineering within an ergonomically designed housing unit, the Avon EZAir demonstrates a  dramatic reduction in the physical burden of traditional respiratory systems. This provides a substantially improved capability for today's heavily equipped law enforcement and first response teams.

The new Avon EZAir forms the first module of the range currently in development, and follows a total re-evaluation of the powered air market to deliver a new focus on simplicity, modularity, and end user requirements.

At the heart of the Avon EZAir modular unit is a super-light engine. This drives a compact, self contained blower unit which incorporate Avon’s NIOSH approved CTF12 riot filters. In addition, a low flow/battery alarm, supported by "hot swap" removable batteries, provides the wearer with an incredibly lightweight and versatile system.  The EZAir deliveres traditional Avon respiratory protection in a new lightweight and integrated package.

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