HESCO® Engineering Solutions to Protect Critical Assets from Rising Flood Water

26 February 2013

HESCO® has been protecting people, places and property since 1991 and continues to drive forward innovation into the security, military and environmental markets, in particular maintaining and developing the provision of rapid deployment barriers to protect and secure critical assets.

With the recent focus of Governmental departments shifting toward non-traditional threats, such as, climate change the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Bureau of Meteorology in partnership with the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency have conducted studies that indicate the mean sea level rise on the east coast of Australia may be greater than the global average. With previous long-term coastal protection projects typically needing a lead-time of 30 years or more, this has become a major concern for residents and business that lie in affected areas.

In the last two years alone Australia has felt the effects of climate change with extreme flooding hitting parts of the continent, with AMP, the leading independent wealth management company in Australia and New Zealand, estimating the damage from the December 2010 to January 2011 flooding in Queensland at $30 billion.

In 2012, flood waters rose again in New South Wales, costing in excess of $530m. These two major events took place in a 12 month period and, according to Australian Geographic, previous to this, the most recent flood with a similar level of damage and destruction took place in 1974, costing an estimated $68million in damages. This is a clear warning sign as to the frequency of flooding Australia could now face and the preparation that must be made.

HESCO® has proven experience in flood mitigation working extensively in the United States, deploying over 200 million linear feet of HESCO® Floodline® barriers, as well as recently supporting Thailand during the disastrous 2011 flooding.

The HESCO® flood barrier range has been specially engineered to hold back rising flood water, tested under extreme conditions and in a range of climates. The rapid deployment of these barriers is the pinnacle aspect of their development; tens of metres of flood wall can be instantly erected from a wide range of vehicles, from standard 4x4 to large flatbed or container trucks. The innovative design enables workers to begin filling large lengths of protective HESCO® barrier immediately, reducing installation time that is so critical in emergencies and natural disasters.


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