WMX200 Visible Bright Light from L-3 Insight Technology

16 May 2012

This LED weapon light combines multiple modes of white light and infrared (IR) illumination in a single, all-metal unit designed for short range tactical operations. The long-life, sealed LEDs eliminate the need to replace bulbs, and batteries can be replaced quickly without having to remove the light from your weapon. The WMX200 is water resistant to 20m for 2 hours. 

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Avon Protection EZAir Pioneers New Generation of Super Compact Powered Airflow Units

13 April 2012

Cumbersome and heaveweight respiratory systems might be a thing of the past thanks to a new generation of NIOSH approved, compact, battery powered modular airflow units from Avon.

Combining a major advance in respiratory system engineering within an ergonomically designed housing unit, the Avon EZAir demonstrates a  dramatic reduction in the physical burden of traditional respiratory systems. This provides a substantially improved capability for today's heavily equipped law enforcement and first response teams.

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Royal Australian Navy opens upgraded bridge simulator

25 March 2011

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) opened its recently upgraded ship’s bridge simula­tor training facility at HMAS Watson in Sydney.

 Owen International was the local project manager for the delivery of the new full mis­sion and desktop simulators from Kongsberg Maritime at HMAS Watson.  Local program management included arrangement, installation assistance and multiple tasks to assist Kongsberg to deliver one of the most advanced naval training centres in the world.  The capability will be used to train a wide range of RAN personnel from Midshipmen to ships Captains, in everything from basic pilotage and ship handling to complex serials involving anti-piracy and warfare tactics.

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