MineWolf provides a range of manned and unmanned platforms for the clearance of explosive threats.

MineWolf products have proven superior performance in a variety of environments against landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Durability, reliability and survivability are inherent in the design and manufacture of both the platforms and their attachments.

The quality and unique multi-purpose nature of its clearance platforms enable mechanical solutions to be tailored for different applications according to customer requirements. The same platform can be used for mine clearance, counter-IED, runway clearance and general engineering tasks by using the appropriate attachment. This flexibility ensures the machines are able to fulfil operational requirements in any environment.



MW50 - Light and rugged vehicle for heavy duty EOD operations

The Micro MineWolf MW50 is a remotely controlled platform which is designed for landmine, IED and route clearance in rugged, hard to access environments.

It is compact and easy to manoeuvre and it can be transported on a 4×4 pick-up for maximum mobility. Based on proven MineWolf technology with a selection of detachable tools, it is a robust and versatile tool for the most demanding conditions.



W240 - Multi-purpose platform to handle a variety of dangerous tasks

The MineWolf MW240 is a purpose-built remotely controlled platform used for the safe and effective clearance of explosive devices including landmines, IEDs and cluster munitions.

Its lightweight construction and compact dimensions make this vehicle easily transportable to remote, high-threat areas. It is a robust and proven solution designed to operate in challenging environments. It offers multifunctional use and has the ability to be fitted with various tools.



MW330 - Excellence in mobility and performance for mine clearance

The MineWolf MW330 is designed to meet military requirements for survivability and mobility during explosives clearance operations.

Based on proven MineWolf capability, the MW330 combines the robustness and productivity typical of the MW370 with the flexibility and manoeuvrability of the smaller MineWolf platforms. The MW330 can be remotely operated and can be optimised for a variety of mine clearance, counter-IED and engineering tasks using interchangeable attachments.



MW370 - The most advanced and field proven large scale mine clearance machine on the market

The MW370 is a powerful mine and route clearance platform used for the effective clearance of landmines and designed to counter the numerous challenges faced when demining.

Interchangeable attachments, including a tiller and flail, are used to optimise the platform to particular tasks. A lifter can be integrated to the rear for quality assurance. The system has been proven during demining operations over many years and has excellent reliability and efficiency in different ground and climate conditions.