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Armtec® combustible ordnance

These products are used in a wide variety of military applications and offer significant advantages over technologies such as metal cases for tank ammunition, bag charges for artillery and celluloid containers or bag charges for mortar applications.


Combustible cartridge cases are an integral part of modern tank ammunition and provide the high level of performance demanded by today’s tank main armament systems. Armtec® combat proven combustible cartridge cases are the standard on all U.S. 120mm tank ammunition and are the preferred solution for new ammunition under development for current and future tank gun systems worldwide.

Product Description

  • Nitrocellulose based molded-fiber combustible cartridge cases
  • Post-impregnation or beater additive resin addition process
  • Rigid and durable in design and construction


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ARMTEC® combustible ordnance products are found in a variety of artillery applications, ranging from igniter tubes for center core ignition bag charges to the latest state-of-the-art modular
propelling charge systems such as the U.S. Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS). These combustible ordnance products are vital to achieving the high performance demanded in current and future
artillery systems.

Modular Artillery Charge System (MACS)

Product Description

  • Bi-modular system consisting of the M231 charge, used for low zone firings (charge 1 and 2) and the M232A1 (charge 3 through 5) for high zone firings
  • A maximum of five M232A1 charges can be used in conventional 39 caliber guns with charge 6 reserved for larger chamber guns
  • Combustible case sets are a three-piece design consisting of a case body, center core igniter tube and end cap
  • Charges are color coded for identification; surface design features also allow the charges to be differentiated by touch
  • Charges incorporate a surface protectant and barrel wear reducing additives



Felted fiber propel lant containers (increments) meet the rigorous requirements of current and future mortar systems. These combat proven increments are the standard on all U.S. mortar ammunition and are the preferred propellant container solution for new ammunition under development worldwide.

Product Description

  • Nitrocellulose based felted-fiber containers (increments)
  • Silicone impregnated for moisture resistance
  • Rigid and durable in design and construction
  • Available for all calibers including 60mm, 81mm and 120mm            

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