Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd (AGI): Barrel Care Solutions



The BG10 Gun Barrel Bore Gauge System is an electro-mechanical measuring device that was originally introduced into service by the RAF for the high-speed measurement of aircraft cannons, to ensure minimum operational aircraft turnaround time. Measurements are taken at 16 pre-determined positions along each bore, which are then compared to pre-stored warning and rejection criteria.

The actual measurements taken are displayed to the Operator on an LCD display and the measurements stored for future reference. The system will automatically provide a visual indication on the Hand Held Unit whether the barrel was acceptable, close to tolerance or rejected - all this to be undertaken in less than   five minutes!

The BG10 System is provided in a rugged carrying case affording protection, storage and ease of transportation.



The BG20 is an electro-mechanical measuring device that has been specifically designed to modernise and improve the inspection routines of large calibre barrels. A two-point measuring head is supported in the barrel or chamber by a clear disk which facilitates the angular alignment of the head and the location of a suspected defect.

The gauge may be introduced into the breech or muzzle end of the barrel and the measuring head located anywhere along its length. Any number of measurements may be taken and will be automatically stored under the barrel identification that is entered by the Operator. The measuring process can be effected in minutes. The operating software of the gauge provides the flexibility to automate existing in-service measurement routines or to accommodate specific defect investigations such as barrel bulging or ovaling.



Traditionally, to measure and visually inspect a gun barrel required two separate instruments, each of which had no logistical commonality. Ordnance routines generally require a combination of a visual inspection and physical measurement.

Visual inspection allows identification of any defects such as removal of chromium plating, particularly in the forcing cone, or the leading edge of rifling, erosion, pitting, scoring and, in extreme circumstances, rifling that has been stripped from the barrel. Physical measurement is undertaken with a precision instrument, such as AGI’s Gun Barrel Bore Gauge System. Although separate systems have worked reasonably well, the introduction of safety systems and total quality management programmes require auditable records of the inspection to be made and retained for future reference.




To complete AGI’s Total Barrel Care Solution, we are pleased to offer The Bore Cleaning System from Airnesco

Nicknamed “The Golden Ferret” by gunners of The Royal Artillery, this one-man operated pneumatic Bore Cleaning System provides effortless cleaning for all users of medium to large calibre barrels. The brush is driven up and down a barrel in a matter of minutes, making the task effortless and is designed to effectively remove firing deposits, as well as allow the application of oil to a cleaned barrel.



For full details of the Airnesco Bore Cleaning System, please visit Airnesco website. To enquire about Airnesco please contact is Owen International.