Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd (AGI): Metlite Aviation Lighting

In 2007 Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited acquired Metalline International Ltd and consequently Metalite Aviation Lighting a division of Metalline International Limited.

Metalite Aviation Lighting has specialised in the design and manufacture of portable airfield lighting systems since the 1960s and is now able to offer a full range of portable equipment including portable runway and taxiway edge lights, portable approach lights, portable PAPIs and portable obstruction lights.

Products are battery and generator powered and can provide visual and NVG compatible light outputs making them suitable for use by civilian and military users. Lighting can be supplied as individual units supported by freestanding battery chargers or in road going trailers with integral charging facility.

Metalite's customers include the armed forces of some of the world's leading countries, international airports, multinational corporations, humanitarian and peacekeeping organisations and airborne law enforcement agencies.

Find out more from the Metal Aviation Lighting web site. To enquire about Metalite Aviation Lighting products your local contact is Owen International.