Innovative Concepts (ICI)

Developing, designing and producing the latest technical communication solutions.

 Innovative Concepts (ICI) specises in the research, design, development, production, and support of wireless data communications products and services. The IDM Technology product line and expert engineering services enable organisations to communicate data over low bandwidths (combat net radios) under highly mobile and volatile circumstances.

Core capabilities centre on:

  • Systems engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Hardware development
  • Product development

IDM Technology® - Enabling Network Centric Warfare

IDM Technology® allows all aspects of the battlefield - including aviation units, ground forces and ship-borne systems - to communicate digitally in real time. IDM Technology® provides a seamless tactical data communications solution to defense forces worldwide.

Benefits of all IDM Technology® Products:

  • Various form factors interoperable with one another and with numerous other data communications devices
  • Pass real-time data information over highly reliable networks designed for specific missions
  • Platform and mission systems independent
  • Use existing radios and network communications devices
  • Low incremental cost for implementation
  • Supports point-to-point and fully networked IP data communications
  • Designed using open architecture techniques permitting integration of additional protocols
  • Allow integration of additional protocols with minimal effort
  • Provide common access simultaneously to multiple data communications networks
  IDM Product Interface Channels Environment Market
IDM V304™ - MIL-STD-1553B
- Ethernet
6 - MIL-STD-810F
- MIL-STD-461E
- Avionics
Tactical Router - Ethernet
- RS-232
- MIL-STD-1553B option
3 - MIL-STD-810F
- MIL-STD-461E
- Avionics
- Vehicles
- Operations Centres
Software Only - Customer Operating System
- Customer Hardware
Configurable - N/A - Avionics
- Vehicles
- Operations Centres
- Ethernet
6 Commercial - Avionics Simulators
UIDM® V2 - Ethernet 2 - MIL-STD-810F - Vehicles
- Operations Centres
- Digital and Analogue Radios
2 Industrial - Dismounted
- Highly Mobile Systems
- Digital Radios
2 Industrial - Dismounted
- Highly Mobile Systems
PCIDM® V4 - Dual Channel USB IDM
- Digital Radios
2 - MIL-STD-810F
- MIL-STD-461E
- Dismounted
- Ultra-Mobile Systems

IDM Technology® Products

Innovative Concepts offers a variety of solutions. In addition to these products, engineers will work with clients to integrate IDM Technology quickly and effectively, ensuring that it meets all technical and operational requirements. Units include software development kits to allow users to implement and expand their own applications and updates. All IDM Technology products are manufactured under a certified ISO 9001:2000 program and the SEI CMMI software model at a Level 3 rating.

Improved Data Modem V304™

The IDM V304™ is a rugged, lightweight six-channel modem and router providing digital data connectivity between and among airborne and ground platforms.


PCIDM is a two-channel network interface PCMCIA card, which enables PC and laptop based data connectivity.


The PCIDM V4 is a dual channel USB IDM that enables data communication over most digital radios.

The PCIDM V4 enables users to share and exchange interoperable digital data  with a variety of assets.

PCIDM V4 can be used for close air support, situational awareness and command and control applications.



The UIDM is a stand-alone environmentally qualified, two-channel tactical data-link solution for robust mobile applications.


MilX™ is a real-time mapping and targeting system with integrated digital messaging capabilities driven by IDM Technology®.


DigiTAC™ provides users with a complete C2 toolset, which integrates communications, mapping, mission management, and messaging utilizing AMPGUI© and FalconView™.

OpenMesh™ Embedded Ad Hoc Networking System

OpenMesh™ is a seamless, ad hoc networking solution, based on Mobile Ad hoc Networking (MANET) protocols enhanced in unique ways to optimize the scalability of the system.

OpenMesh™ is a portable router that provides mobile ad-hoc IPv4 network connectivity. It supports both unicast and multicast IP communications to meet the needs for point-to-point communications and for dissemination of information simultaneously to multiple interested listeners. Its design provides a standard networking interface (e.g. IPV4 over Ethernet) and interacts with existing IP-based applications. No special networking software is required on the end-systems. Future efforts include migration to IPv6.

Mobiquiti® using OpenMesh® Algorithms

Wireless networking is much more than WiFi cards and access points. Mobile, ubiquitous communication solutions must support highly dynamic networks without user intervention. It is essential they form on-demand, adjust as conditions warrant, and always provide the best communications services possible. ‘Mobiquiti’ creates a network in situations where infrastructure is not assured. It maintains communications as users operate in unstable environments where the network is in constant flux.

Mobiquiti networks relieve the users’ burden of maintaining mobile, wireless connectivity, maximising the performance of data transport through a scalable wireless communications architecture. Supporting IPv4 and IPv6 using either Layer 2 mesh networking or Layer 3 ad-hoc routing, Mobiquiti networks are your solution. Mobiquiti’s flexible Quality of Service (QoS) engine can be dynamically configured to meet changing mission objectives. Effective prioritisation ensures that critical data gets through first.

The Mobiquiti product line is the foundation from which Innovative Concepts customise solutions that meet your software and hardware needs.

Mobiquiti Distinct Capabilities

Produces a custom full scale network solution using a combination of our software and hardware components

  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • DHCP support for wired interface address assignment
  • Supports exterior routes for external networks across the wireless domain
  • SNMP v2c agent for efficient network management
  • Web-based interface for easy node configuration
  • Automatic packet classification without application changes

Quality of Service with Mechanised Prioritisation
Multiple distinct priority classifications with an unparalleled, flexible quality of service engine that configures to meet changing missions objectives

Location Management
Meets the need for small, battery-powered ad hoc networks and includes location management support to track personnel and equipment within various environments

Highly Adaptable
Handles the dynamic environments that traditional networking solutions cannot tolerate

Zero Administration
No network operator intervention for non-secure networks and minimal administration for secure networks


  • Custom enclosures
  • Custom processor boards
  • Custom radio/data links to meet various data rates/ranges
  • Custom protocol development for extreme, unique conditions

Supports link-layer encryption for FIPS 140-2 communications

Flexible Radio Options
Designed for flexible integration of other radios with a diverse selection of COTS and custom radio solutions

Routing Features

  • OLSR
  • OLSR with Link Quality
  • OLSR with FSR Optimizations

Software-Based Solutions

The underlying core technology in IDM Technology® can be licensed for implementation in many communications platform to enhance your data link capabilities. The IDM Technology® software engine takes the core communications capabilities and embeds them into your communications architecture.

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