The world leader in military bridges has supplied 39 armed forces across the world for over four decades.

Expertise built on a century of engineering excellence and innovation ranges from concept design to full scale production of rapidly deployable, modular bridging systems for use in military and disaster relief scenarios. WFEL also provide value-added inspection, repair and maintenance, spares and training services, wherever it’s needed.

WFEL's product include the Medium Girder Bridge (MGB), a light and easliy transportable bridging system. The Dry Support Bridge (DSB), the new generation of military tactical bridging and the Air Portable Ferry Bridge. A system that is modular and transported rapidly and easliy.    


Dry Support Bridge (DSB)

a-dry-support-bridge-in-actionJust eight soldiers and a single launch vehicle can have traffic rolling across a 46 metre gap in less than 90 minutes using a Dry Support Bridge (DSB).

The US Army has adopted the DSB as its new bridging system and DSBs have repeatedly proved their value in the field with deployment in the USA, South Korea and Iraq.

Its primary mission is emplacement on main supply routes in the rear of the area of direct combat while its secondary mission is to support and maintain the momentum of attack, when water and dry-gap obstacles are encountered that exceed the capabilities of assault bridging assets. Spanning a 46m gap in under 90 minutes



Medium Girder Bridge (MGB)

SINGLE STOREY MGBThe Medium Girder Bridge is a classic piece of engineering. In operation since 1971 over 500 Medium Girder (MGB) bridging systems have been purchased by armed forces worldwide, notably in the UK, USA and other NATO allies including Australia.

Although significantly developed from its initial design to its multi-role capability of today, component interchangeability across any bridge of any age has been maintained.

MGB units are light, easily transported and can be adapted for most tactical bridging requirements.

The MGB system includes piers, pontoons and ferries, all engineered for deployment with minimum manpower.


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Air Portable Ferry Bridge (APFB)

5-overbridgeThe Air Portable Ferry Bridge (APFB) went into production in 2004 to meet requirements from the British Army for a new bridging system that could be used by light forces in roles which increasingly demand mobility and flexibility.

A modular system that can be transported rapidly and easily by land, sea and air, the APFB can be built by troops and has a military load classification of MLC 35. It can be used to bridge both wet and dry gaps, employed as an overbridge and incorporates a ferry system.

The APFB is based on the Medium Girder Bridge (MGB) and share many common parts. By incorporating relatively few new components the APFB extends the MGB system's capabilities to meet the changing needs of the military.


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