Armtec Defense Technologies is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of expendable countermeasures and specialty pryrotechnic and pyrophoric products. For more than 55 years, Armtec Defense Technologies has proudly served the US government and its allies across the globe, helping to keep military personnel safe and well-equipped with high-quality, reliable products and services to meet our customer's unique requirements and delivery schedules.

Our core countermeasure competencies include the development and manufacture of pyrotechnic flares, pyrophoric decoys - also known as Special Material Decoys (SMD) - and Radar Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) chaff, all products designed to decoy  missiles and /or radars.

Our commitment to operational excellence, safety and quality in our manufacturing facilities is apparent in the modernizing and strategic automation implemented within our manufacturing processes. Our operational performance is further enhanced by the intensive continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs that are a key part of the Armtec Operating System.

Combat-proven through decades of armed conflicts around the world, Armtec's Defense Technologies' countermeasure products continue to protect aircraft and crews from increasingly varied and advanced missile threats. These countermeasures can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and come in a variety of form factors compatible with US and  NATO dispensing systems. 


  • Infrared (IR) Flares
  • Radar Frequency Countermeasure Chaff (RFCM)
  • Pyrophoric Decoys
  • Advanced Flares

Research and Development

Our R&D Departments have an excellent reputation for industry-leading expertise in all areas of Airborne IR and RF countermeasures and work in synchronization with manufacturing to realize innovations quickly and efficiently. We also collaborate with dispenser system manufacturers to ensure optimum performance.

Our capabilities include:

  • Computer simulation to predict decoy performance and system effectiveness
  • Missile engagement modeling
  • Leading edge chaff and pyrotechnic, spectral and pyrophoric flare technology development
  • Pilot scale manufacturing
  • Product tailoring to meet customer or performance/performance requirements
  • Environmental testing
  • Specialized testing

ISO Certified

Armtec Defense Technologies offers a full complement of IR Decoy Flares and Radar Countermeasure Chaff compatible with US, UK, NATO and FSU dispensing systems. Our facilities are certified to the latest ISO standards, guaranteeing the quality and reliability that these vitally important products demand.

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