uRAIDRAID Handheld Chemical Detector

The ┬ÁRAIDplus is a highly robust, easy to use, IMS Chemical Agent Detector that can identify Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals. The ultra-reliable instrument has unmatched sensitivity and class winning interference rejection that produces accurate results. ┬ÁRAIDplus is built with trusted IMS technology that has a proven track record from military and emergency response operations across the globe.

RAIDM100RAID M100 Handheld Chemical Detector

RAID-M Series hand-held Chemical Agent detectors are based on the well-established principle of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). They are designed to detect, search for and locate Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) on personnel, equipment, vehicles and on the ground.

The RAID-M 100 can be operated with one hand, is lightweight and simple to use. RAID-M Series are able to detect, identify, quantify & continuously monitor concentration levels of the specified CWA & TIC. The identity of detected substances is displayed by its standard code (GA, VX). For each class (G, H and T) a separate display section is provided, so that all the classes may be monitored independently. Hazard levels are indicated by an incremental bar display.



Hardened to military standards, reliable and robust; RAID-XP is able to detect, identify and continuously monitor Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) & Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) using a high end Ion Mobility Spectrometer.

Simultaneously semiconductor sensors and two photo diodes are used for the detection and quantification of gamma radiation, dose rate and accumulated dose. Data monitoring and interrogation is achieved through a clear, unambiguous dual display and easy to operate integral software menus. RS232 and GPS interface are enabled.

The RAID-XP is a robust and flexible instrument built with trusted Bruker technology that is capable of operating standalone or mounted in vehicles.                                                                                            

SVGps Radiation DetectorSVGps Radiation Detector

The Bruker SVGps Radiation Survey Meter is a high precision, handheld system that uses a combination of Geiger-Mueller counting tubes and semiconductor detectors. The system includes a lightweight external probe that detects alpha-, beta-, gamma- and x-ray radiation simultaneously.

For users who need an extended range for beta-/gamma measurements, a dedicated probe is available as an option, which extends the upper detection limit by a factor of five. Neutron radiation is detectable with an optional probe. When either probe is connected, the SVGps recognises that particular probe and sets the measurement Parameters accordingly.                                                 



 pBDi Biological Detector

Brukers pBDi uses a sandwich electrochemical ELISA procedure for the highly sensitive and fully automated detection of all kinds of biothreat agents (bacteria, viruses and toxins). Antibodies immobilized on gold electrodes attached to electrodes of a biochip facilitate the specific capture of corresponding biothreat agents from an applied sample.

The detection of the captive biothreat agents is realized by measuring the electrical current of an enzymatic redox reaction. The current correlates to the amount of target bound to the specific antibodies. Up to 6 biothreat agents can be rapidly detected in parallel within 20 minutes assay time. 

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