Defence Service Tracks (DST) are the world-leading supplier, that develops and produces tracks and suspension components for a variety of military vehicles worldwide. Whether for the 3-ton light-weight Wiesel weapon carrier, the BV 206 armored personnel carrier, the new PUMA armored infantry fighting vehicle or the Leopard 2 main battle tank with up to 70 tons – all of them are sophisticated in-house developments created in close cooperation with customers and vehicle manufacturers from all over the world.


DST 5Features and advantages:

  • Long service life / High cost efficiency
  • High mobility in extreme terrain conditions through high traction
  • Easy and quick exchange of pads, even in the field
  • Easy handling
    • Screws to be checked only once
    • No screws for pads
  •  Maximum safety
    • No cracks
    • No danger, even if exceeding the wear limits

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