Teekay Couplings are available in two configurations Axilock and Axiflex:

Teekay Axilock (Axially Restrained)

The Teekay Axilock has metallic anchor rings that dig into the pipe wall when the coupling is installed. This prevents the two pipes from pushing apart under pressure or pulling away under end-load.

The Axilock has two anchor rings which are placed adjacent to, but separate from, the sealing mechanism.


The Teekay Axilock range is designed to replace the need for flanging, welding, pipe grooving and pipe threading by providing a quick and easy solution to joining plain-end pipe. Incorporating grip rings at each end of the fitting, the Teekay Axilock offers high levels of security by locking the pipes together under pressure. Each coupling is 100% rubber-lined, ensuring that high levels of corrosion resistance are maintained throughout the life of the coupling.

Available in single (Axilock-S) and double (Axilock) casing versions depending on pressure and diameter. Both models are suitable for new installations and retro-fit, whether on a ship, building or process plant. The Teekay Axilock range offers a versatile pipe coupling system that accommodates angulation, vibration and vacuum.

Teekay Axiflex (Non Axially Restrained)

The Teekay Axiflex joins pipes that are already anchored. In this instance the pipeline forces do not have to be contained by the couplings. Therefore diameters up to 4 metres are possible with this design. The coupling can be placed over the pipe ends or supplied in a wrap - around version.

The Axiflex has two thick sealing lips which allow for pipe expansion and contraction. The sealing lips press against the pipe surface and form lip seals. The lip seals are designed to resist the internal pressure in the pipes. As the pressure increases, the lip seals swell to seal more tightly against the pipe surface.

Each coupling (whether Axilock or Axiflex) consists of a casing, a gasket and a lockpart. The purpose of the casing is to house the gasket and to press it onto the pipe surface when the lockpart is closed. The lockpart is designed to pull the two ends of the casing together circumferentially around the pipe. In order to achieve this, the coupling is labelled clearly with a torque figure which ensures that the gasket is compressed sufficiently against the pipe surface.

The Teekay Axiflex is a high performance coupling that allows generous pipe angulation and expansion/contraction. The Axiflex is a popular choice of coupling with water authorities, civil engineers and building contractors and is available in sizes up to 4.2m in diameter.

The stainless steel and high strength steel designs ensure significant weight savings are achieved over cast iron couplings. The result is less manpower, quicker installation times and massive cost savings.


The TEEKAY PLASTLOCK Coupling is the easiest way to join plastic pipes together; designed and engineered to make a permanent connection.

lncorporating the TEEKAY multiple seal gasket, the design concept has been followed through to the pipe anchoring mechanism itself, which is also constructed with three progressive anchor rings. These rings permanently hold and lock the two pipes together.

The progressive anchoring design features a single element at each end of the coupling, incorporating three individual pipe anchor rings at staggered heights. This allows for a dynamic locking of the pipe and ensures all three rings are in contact with the pipe wall. Each anchor ring incorporates a chamber which allows the pipe wall to be increased locally around the area where each anchor ring engages with the pipe.

This increases the effectiveness of the anchor rings and allows for a permanent and restraint solution on plastic pipes.

Repair CouplingRepair Coupling

The Teekay Repair Coupling is ideal for all situations where you need to make a permanent repair under pressure. Simply open up the coupling, wrap it around the pipe and fasten - you have repaired the pipeline in minutes and avoided the need for costly downtime.

The Repair Coupling comes with no loose parts and features our standard gasket which actively seals onto the pipe. The range is available up to 3000 mm OD and in widths up to 410 mm wide. The Teekay Repair Coupling is used throughout the water, process, oil & gas and marine industries.

Repair ClampRepair Clamp

The Teekay Repair Clamp is the budget repair coupling of choice. Featuring “cut flanges” on the underside of the fitting, this type of coupling can be easily pulled around a leaking pipe to seal a fracture. Once wrapped around the pipe, the fitter then goes about installing the coupling in the same manner as any other Teekay coupling.

Suitable for emergency repairs in buildings and industrial units to avoid costly reinstatement work caused by water damage. The Teekay Repair Clamp represents excellent value for money both at point of order and at point of use, as significant installation time savings can be achieved with the light-weight stainless steel design.

Stepped Coupling

The Teekay Stepped coupling is a “problem-solver” on any site with the ability to join pipes of different ODs and different materials. Typical applications:

  • refurbishments (where the contractor is connecting a piping system back into the original layout)
  • repairs to old water mains (where the pipe is so corroded it needs to be replaced with a new material in metric size)
  • chamber connections
  • pipe material transitions
  • joining metallic pipe to plastic pipe


Square Coupling

Teekay Square Couplings provide a comprehensive solution to joining box sections without the need for hot working onsite. Available in 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm sizes, the square coupling lends itself to the joining of aeration pipes. Expansion and contraction can also be accommodated as the coupling is supplied as a non-anchoring type. High temperature gasket options are available.

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