KVH Magnetic Compass Sensors are ideal for a broad spectrum of industrial-grade and military applications including guidance, optical and weapon stabilization and pointing.

The C100 Compass Engine is an industrial-grade compass module designed to meet rigorous engineering requirements. Available in either stand-alone or embedded version, it is physically compact, low in cost and extremely flexible, making it ideal for your most demanding heading sensor needs. The C100 has been fielded in more than 100,000 systems for a wide range of military and commercial applications.

AutoComp 1000 employs digital fluxgate compass technology to provide precision heading data to an array of systems, including autopilots, GSP, video charts, computers and other electronic instruments. Designed as a remote sensor, the AutoComp 1000 can be mounted in a magnetically 'clean' location, and its continuous automatic compensation feature, ensures that the most precise heading data (within ±0.5°) is available at all times. The  AutoComp 1000 is fully compatible with the NMEA 0183 output standard and a universal interface card is available for use with other interface standards.


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