Lead-in Lines and Non-Electric Accessories

Lead in linesEBAD’s Lead-in Lines can save up to 40% on weight and volume with a less logistical footprint. EBAD’s shock tube have low memory (coil) and deploy easily along terrain. Offered in single and redundant detonation lines, they are ideal for underwater demolition, urban breaching, obstacle clearing and critical target destruction.

EBAD offers Non-Electric Accessories to aid in speed of connection, integration, and reliability. Non-Electric Accessories streamline warfighter workflow by removing the variations in connections such as tape, clips, rope and other carried items. Plastic J-hooks, Bunch Blocks and Detonating Cord Connectors are well suited to a variety of quick connections.


Integral Firing Device (IFD)

IFDThe Integral Firing Device (IFD) is an all-in-one, disposable shock tube firing system designed for close-quarter breaching applications. The IFD is available in single or dual shock tube configurations. The IFD eliminates the need to field-improvise a firing assembly by providing a quick and simple charge set-up, thus minimizing time on target.

With its compact design, the IFD can be carried in standard cargo pockets allowing for immediate accessibility and ease of transport. The IFD is interchangeable with most military initiation assemblies and, with a booster, is capable of initiating most standard breaching charges.


 SKIN-PACK® Detonator Assembly

Shot Tube DetonatorThe SKIN-PACK® is a robust shock tube detonator assembly with an integrated M81 firing device and a military strength detonator. 

The SKIN-PACK® is perfect for Special Forces Missions which allow the end user to concentrate on the mission at hand. The shock tube is precision coiled and encapsulated in a thermoplastic “skin,” eliminating the spool, reducing the overall weight of the unit and simplifying deployment.

This product line has been specifically designed to meet the technical requirements of a Pre-Fabricated Explosive Initiation Set like the ADF’s Greyfin Land 1508 Project.


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