The innovative product range of the DVZ-GROUP, for all kind of maritime and offshore applications, includes not only the oily water separators DVZ-FSU-"OILCHIEF"® and the fat trap units DVZ-FT but also the new generation of sewage treatment systems, like the DVZ-JZR-"BIOMASTER"® and the DVZ-SKA-"BIOMASTER"®-PLUS types.

The DVZ-Group has delivered over 9,300 units to customers across the globe. Besides the systems functionality, great value was attached to the durability and reliability of all the components and ease of maintenance. All systems are certified and approved in accordance with the relevant and latest IMO regulations and have been proven successful in practical operation on board.



  • Type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC.227 (64) and MARPOL Annex IV
  • Type approved according to IMO Resolution MEPC.159 (55)
  • Amongst other certificates
  • Fullfills the more stringent requirements of Great Lakes and Alaska requirements
  • AWT approved by B.V.
  • High flexible, it can be scaled up or down with a number of JZR or DVZ-BMSU modules
  • Stainless Steel Membrane; nearly indestructible as a world unique feature
  • Optimum Bio-process monitoring
  • High purification effect
  • Neither chemicals, nor secondary treatment or disinfection necessary
  • Stainless steel design
  • High Biomass concentration tolerance
  • Defined retention time
  • No movable part, it is not sensitive against shock, vibration and movement

The sewage treatment plants can also be supplied with the AWT Certificate from B.V. to meet the most demanding requirements. Our sewage water treatment units and black- and grey water management are available for new building, conversion and retrofitting in accordance with our customers specifications.



  • In compliance with LDNV TAP 771.60, CLEAN DESIGN
  • Type approved according to IMO RESOLUTION MEPC 107 (49)
  • 5 PPM approved by G.L.
  • Optional with type approved FSU© by-pass function
  • Capacity from 150 l/h up to 10.000 l/h
  • Jet-wash oil drainage
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Pump can optionally be used as separate transfer pump
  • Shockproof

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