HESCO MIL concertainer has become renowned the world over as the ultimate force protection barrier system. Whether it is used as a preventative barrier or to defend boundaries, MIL units have been employed to safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical infrastructure and civilian operations.

The legendary MIL™ unit’s ability to position and contain large volumes of earth, sand, gravel or rock, to create limitless defensive barriers, has made it essential in the protection of forces around the globe.

HESCO rapidly deployable systems were developed to reduce the logistical burden during deployment and with our commitment to environmental responsibilities and the rising costs of recovery of materials both during and at the end of deployment, we developed the Recoverable MIL.


Typical uses include:

    • Perimeter, security and defence walls
    • Equipment revetments
    • Ammunition compounds
    • Personnel and material bunkers
    • Checkpoints and Observation points
    • Access control barriers
    • Blast mitigation and containment
    • Base command centres
    • Anti-ram vehicle barriers
    • Defensive firing positions


HESCO walls can be built to any required length and to any height. The unique joining system allows the user great flexibility in configurations and requirements. One of the key advantages of the system is that any readily available infill material can be utilised. Sand, rubble, rocks, soil, concrete and even snow have been successfully used.

Rapid construction is another key feature of the product. A typical wall of HESCO Concertainer units equivalent to approximately 1500 sandbags, can be erected and filled by two men and a single common loader in less than twenty minutes. An equivalent wall constructed of sandbags would take 10 men 7 hours to build.

HESCO Floodline

HESCO Concertainers    

MIL Brochure
MIL Technical Specification
MIL R Technical Specification

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