The Shield Undergarment offers high protection, available in a one- or two-piece undergarment system, has been specifically designed and developed to provide a versatile solution to CBRN protective garments. Combining comfort and functionality, it is used by military and civil security services around the world.

The Shield comes complete with a separate ‘hood & cowl’ for integration with a number of respirators. With added ‘stretch’ fibres incorporated into the fabric, the Shield is worn closer to the body than an over-suit, giving the Shield an extremely high degree of comfort. Designed to be worn under standard combat clothing, a flight suit, or even covertly under business attire. Maximum suit weight is just 800g (base size).

Conforms to NATO standards, high protection undergarment, High air permeability, Lower physiological burden, Compatible with a wide range of ancillaries, 15 Year shelf life.

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